There has never been a time when effective communications have been more important. Regardless of the size of the enterprise or type of industry, the power of communications is realized through the art of media relations and social media through the eyes and ears of journalists. We have entered a business era that has been transformed by constant change and transition, leadership changes, evolving technologies, and global markets that can best be described as unpredictable, fast-paced and unforgiving.


Our media relations and social media team cut through the clutter and aim to provide relevant and newsworthy material to journalists and influencers that effectively tell a story that brings a tangible result to our clients, be it new sales, new members, funding or business partners.


We develop key messages and drive placements in the form of press releases and feature stories in major trade publications, radio/TV outlets, online media and other outlets targeting your customer base. As a result of our unique relationships with editors, reporters, producers talented strategists, copywriters, and industry leaders, we are able to leverage the best possible success scenarios for our clients. Moreover, our social media prowess enables our clients to speak directly to stakeholder groups in a dynamic and engaging manner.


We are experts in the use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat among others.

  • Our clients view the success of our public relations programs by the
    correlation between media placements and a direct impact on their business.

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