PR firm to format specialty division following UAE, Israel normalization

PR firm to format specialty division following UAE, Israel normalization

The Jerusalem Post


Steinreich noted that many of their clients in each country are looking to expand their businesses to the other country following the historic agreement.

International public relations agency Steinreich Communications Group, Inc. made a statement claiming that due to the large number of clients they have accumulated in the United Arab Emirates and Israel, they will be operating within a new practice area, extending the reach of the New York-based corporate group in the wake of newly normalized relations between the two Middle Eastern countries.

Steinreich noted that many of their clients are looking to expand their businesses within both countries – those in the UAE wanting to expand into Israel and vice versa – following the historic agreement. 

“Increasingly, we’re seeing interest from Israeli and UAE-based companies in doing business in the other country. And due to our team’s long-standing relationships in both countries, we are able to provide the strategy, guidance and support they need to expand their businesses successfully,” said Steinreich Communications president and CEO Stan Steinreich.

The PR agency will be moving many of its clients – which range from nonprofit organizations to educational institutions to healthcare – into the regional group, led by corporate practice senior vice president Ariella Steinreich, in order to manage blooming regional opportunities. The agency added that many of its clients have already requested to be added to this specialty group.

“There are tremendous opportunities for Israeli companies looking to do business in the UAE and vice versa, but the key to success is proper communication strategies and implementation. One of the things we are hearing from companies in both locations is that they need a partner who understands both landscapes – and that is a spot where we are uniquely positioned to assist, which we will be doing in this new specialty group,” she said.

“The team and I are excited to continue our work in this area for our existing clients as well as to help additional clients who have come on board due to our expertise and connections in this area.”

Ariella Steinreich has worked with clients and in media across the Gulf States for nearly a decade, and has secured a number of clients within those states and Israel since joining the firm in 2014. She has been working towards developing communications strategies for the Middle East client base as a result of the historic announcement.

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