Episode 21: Motivating During A Pandemic – Stan Steinreich

Episode 21: Motivating During A Pandemic – Stan Steinreich

Sleep Retailer

In its series about “Motivating During a Pandemic,” Sleep Retailer spoke with leaders from across the bedding industry to hear what they are doing to support and motivate their teams and themselves during this uncertain time. What are they doing to keep their employees safe? How has their approach to leadership evolved?

In this episode, we spoke with Stan Steinreich, president and CEO of Steinreich Communications Group. Steinreich’s firm works with a number of sleep products and furniture brands, giving him a unique perspective on how this industry has responded and adjusted to this crisis.

“One important thing that we did early on was encourage our clients to pivot the programs they were doing. So for example, instead of many of them focusing on product, we got them to focus on their community efforts, their charitable efforts. And one thing I’ll tell you: the sleep products industry is absolutely amazing in terms of CEOs who have guided their companies to sew masks, to sew gowns, to sell hospital beds. The shift has been amazing, not only to benefit first-responders and their communities, but also to keep their employees employed by getting them to now work on other things. That’s what motivates me in the morning, when I see the great stuff that’s going on that our clients are doing – the great stuff that’s going on with our people. That’s exciting. And so that’s my motivation every single day.”

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