Saying Thanks

Saying Thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Though hardly a fan of turkey, an avid hater of sweet potatoes, and never understanding the interest in pumpkin pie, I find the purity of the theme of the day – being thankful for what we have – to be incredibly fulfilling. We don’t celebrate war victories on this day, nor war dead. We don’t honor workers nor great explorers, but instead pause to be grateful.

Some of us may spend the day shopping, watching a parade or football and being with our families. But how much time do we spend contemplating all that we are thankful for. Probably not enough.

For me, I am thankful for the lovely family I have been blessed with, wonderful colleagues at our company who deliver results for our clients every day, and terrific clients who contribute, each in their own ways, to make society a better place for us all.

So thanks to each of our team members for the all contributions that you make to help our clients and make our company such a great place.

Happy Thanksgiving