Honing Your Writing Skills is a Continuing Education

I have always maintained that the art to good writing is being a good story teller –verbally—in the first place. Think about it. The person who takes forever to blurt out an idea or story is typically the person who drones on in prose unrelentingly. On the other hand, if you can tell your story succinctly and pepper facts with anecdotes, you are on the right path. Of course spelling, grammar and vocabulary help too. You will grow your vocabulary organically by just reading.

Another good tool I have suggested to numerous folks is to read The Daily News and New York Post in particular. Reporters and editors at these publications learn to use every inch of space as if it were gold. Their pithy writing and headlines are legendary. Candidly, I think if you read a headline and a lead from either of these newspapers, it is almost predictable what the rest of the story will be. Also, use exciting quotes from clients. Make the client personality come through in the quotes.

Good PR writing is like direct-mail to the media. Give them the facts in an interesting and engaging way and you will have a great story. Remember, its all in the head…headline that is, and the first paragraph. Reporters get hundreds of emails everyday, and it is likely they will not read beyond these two elements, so make it all count right there.