Violence at the Capitol serves to remind PR: Words matter

Violence at the Capitol serves to remind PR: Words matter

Bulldog Reporter

By Stan Steinreich

If we ever questioned the meaning of “words matter,” yesterday’s horrific events in Washington must be an indelible reminder that we carry forward forever. As professional communicators, we know all too well the time it takes to find the right words, incorporate them into clear thought, and in some cases to challenge our clients to rethink words they want to use.

We wrestle within ourselves, as we should, to find the precise words and phrases for print, digital and broadcast use. That is our job, should be our passion, and even more importantly—our responsibility.

Public relations professionals must see our role as the guardians of the “word” for our clients.

This is not meant to be a political statement. The wrong words lead to hate, incitement and fear whether your political position is to the left or right. The right words bring joy, understanding and engagement.

Today, the morning after we witnessed the takeover of the Capitol, there is no more important time to remind ourselves of the sacred role we play to assure that we and our clients understand the power of every word we write and utter.

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